Q. How do I find all journal articles written by a specific author?

Answered By: Kathryn Ray
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2017     Views: 532

Some authors maintain websites that include a list of their published works.  Check that first.

The next place to try is Google Scholar (it's different from regular Google.)  AU contracts with Google Scholar to link to many of our databases.  To use the AU version of Google Scholar, go to the library's homepage and click on the "Start your Research" tab. On the left you will see a link to Google Scholar (AU Version)  Once you reach Google Scholar click on the small arrow in the search box to select Advanced Search.  This function allows you to search by author & subject.

Google Scholar links to some EBSCO databases; however, I would search the EBSCO family of databases next because they cover such a wide range of topics.  From the library's homepage on the left under RESEARCH (not Start your Research tab) Click on Search Databases.  Click on ACADEMIC SEARCH PREMIER.  On the search page click on the small blue link CHOOSE DATABASES.  Click the SEARCH ALL box.  In the first search box type the author's name (last name, then first name) and select Author.  Click on search.  If you retrieve too many irrelevant hits, then go back and type in a keyword.

You might also want to check the databases ProQuest General and Science Direct.

If your author has been publishing for many years, you will want to look in the database JSTOR.  Use the advanced search option and click on author.  JSTOR does not have the last 5-6 years of articles, so don't expect anything current.

For more suggestions, I recommend looking at the Subject Guide "Who Cited Whom" that explains how to use Web of Science and Scopus. 
From the library's homepage on the right under RESEARCH Click on Subject Guides > All Guides > Who Cited Whom

We have over 400 databases, so there are many places to look.  For subject specific database recommendations, go to the library's homepage under RESEARCH and click on Subject Guides.

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