Q. I can't find a book in the catalog that I'm sure the library must have. Help!

Answered By: Kathryn Ray
Last Updated: Jul 27, 2017     Views: 20

The library catalog is based on the old card catalog system, so always drop the initial article of the title when searching by title in the WRLC catalog. For example, if you are searching for The Great Gatsby or orThe Autobiography of Malcolm X, just type Great Gatsby or Autobiography of Malcolm X and select TITLE from the pulldown menu.  Same is true with Das Kapital or Les Misérables - just type Kapital or Misrables.

The catalog will not autocorrect or make suggestions like Google.  Do not expect to see "Did you mean?"  Find out whether Ernest Hemingway's surname is spelled with one "m" or two before searching for him by author.

Just for you, the library created video tutorials to help find books.

If you dropped the initial article, double checked the spelling, made sure that you have the all of the information perfectly typed, watched the video tutorials and still do not find the book you need, please Ask-A-Librarian.


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