Q. What are "Pages Per Semester Funds?" (Printing Credit) What should I do if I didn't receive my credit?

Answered By: Kathryn Ray
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"Pages Per Semester Funds"

For Spring and Fall, students receive a credit on their student ID card to use for printing from the library computers. For each page printed, ten cents per sheet is deducted from the "Pages Per Semester Funds."   The printers are set to print double-sided, so if the document is 3 pages, 20 cents would be deducted (10 for p.1-2 and 10 for p.3)  A four page document would also cost 20 cents (10 for p. 1-2 and 10 for p.3-4)  Sometimes "Pages Per Semester Funds" are referred to as "printing credit" or "printing allotment."

"Pages Per Semester Funds" may only be used for printing.  The funds are good for Spring and Fall.  They do not transfer from year to year.

When all of the "Pages Per Semester Funds" are used, students need to add regular Eagle Buck$ to cover the cost of printing.

The "Pages Per Semester Funds" for full time students is usually $25.

Part time students receive half the amount in "Pages Per Semester Funds"

Questions about the funds should be directed to the Library's Circulation and Course Reserves Desk on the First Floor.

To make your "Pages Per Semester Funds" go farther, the library has several scanners that are free.

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