Q. Does the Library provide private spaces for groups or individuals? How do I reserve a room?

Answered By: Linda Golden
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The Library does not provide private spaces for individuals. A student seeking a quiet place should visit the second floor which is designated the silent floor.

Group study rooms for all students:

Groups of 2 or more have several options. The Collaborative Workrooms on the first floor, room 211 on the second floor, and rooms 308 and 309 on the third floor may by creating a WCOnline account. After registering for an account, students may view availability and reserve a Collaborative Workroom for up to three hours. Those who have previously created WCOnline accounts with the Academic Support and Access Center must create a separate account to reserve Collaborative Workrooms. 

The study rooms at the back of the second and third floors are available to groups on a first come, first served basis. Groups meeting on the second or third floors must respect the quiet policies of those floors.


Group study rooms just for graduate students:

The Graduate Research Center (GRC) is a study and event space dedicated to graduate students. It is located on the lower level, between the Library and the SIS building. The GRC can be accessed from the lower level of the library as well as the terrace level of the SIS building

Group study rooms are available for graduate students.  Click on the link below for a description of the technology available in the rooms and to learn how to make reservations.


The GRC is also home to the Graduate Leadership Council.

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