Q. How do I find advertising rates for television?

Answered By: Kathryn Ray
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There is no one source, directory or website that lists all TV advertising rates.

Finding sources that price the cost of advertising on cable, network, and local television requires research and calculations. Some pricing of prime-time programs on major TV networks on cable and broadcasting is available from the database:

  • AdAge Data Center  is a good source for rankings, lists, and data on marketing, media, advertising, and digital industries provided through AdAge.com. Includes detailed information on company family trees, advertising spending, media properties, jobs data, and annual industry statistics.
    This database can be accessed only when connected to the secure campus network (includes AU VPN).
In addition, the following datbases may be useful:
  • SRDS Media Planning    Contains media information, including publication overviews, advertising rates, deadline dates and contact data for print and broadcast media.
  • Advertising Redbooks / Winmo     Provides access to advertisers and ad agencies.  This database has over 19,000 advertisers that spend at least $200,000 in advertising expenditures, the media they advertise by as well as over 12,500 ad agencies that represent them. (Limited to 1 user at a time.)
  • Vivvix  Provides five-years of historical data on ad expenditure and a summary of U.S. advertising across print, radio and television media by companies, some of which is on the brand level.
    Note: Use is limited to 3 concurrent users
Some advertising rates are linked to Neilsen Ratings.  Take a look at the Library's FAQ
  for information on locating ratings.

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