Q. Can AU's subscription streaming media be shown using Zoom?

Answered By: Kathryn Ray
Last Updated: Aug 17, 2022     Views: 23

Practical Considerations of Streaming Commercial VOD (Video on Demand) Media Through Zoom

Putting aside the legal issues of whether this is a violation of your end user agreement, there are still substantial technical hurdles to successfully streaming VOD through Zoom. The first is that VOD providers can prevent the display of their content if they detect certain conditions on your computer such as a video output to a projector or an active teleconferencing app like Zoom. Secondly, streaming a live incoming signal takes a great deal of computer resources. Your computer has to have a fast enough internet connection to be simultaneously downloading the VOD stream and uploading the Zoom stream. The computer has to have the processing power and memory to simultaneously download, compile, and display the VOD, run the VOD display app, run the teleconferencing app, download  that stream and upload the screening display to the other participants.

We suggest that you always test your setup before attempting this in your class.

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