Q. Where can I find the multiculturalism policies of various Western democracies regarding immigrant groups, indigenous peoples, or national minorities?

Answered By: Kathryn Ray
Last Updated: Mar 14, 2024     Views: 8

The Multiculturalism Policy Index [MCP] is a scholarly research project that monitors the evolution of multiculturalism policies in 21 Western democracies. The project is designed to provide information about multiculturalism policies in a standardized format that aids comparative research and contributes to the understanding of state-minority relations. The Index and supporting documentation are freely available for researchers, public officials, journalists, students, activists, and others interested in the topic.

The MCP project provides an index for each of three types of minorities: one index relating to immigrant groups,; one relating to historic national minorities; and one relating to indigenous peoples.  The index for immigrant minorities is now available on annual basis, with scores for each MCP policy in each country from 1960.

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